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Ocala, Florida

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System Centering Solutions (SCS) is a boutique executive strategy consulting company with a model similar to Mckinsey -- without the expense.

SCS operates in three key vertical segments -- Electronics and Semiconductor Industry, SMB market optimization, and Post-Secondary STEM Education.

SCS has on-the-ground operational experience with demonstrated results in all three markets.


Electronics Industry

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STEM Education

STEM Education

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Electronics Industry

With a deep background in semiconductors (CPU design), EDA (P&L responsibility), EMS (Sr VP Strategy), and enterprise software (Corporate VP R&D), SCS has the staff which can work strategically with senior executives to optimize their enterprise.

Example past engagements have included working with a semi-conductor company to introduce wireless power to the marketplace, an EMS company to explore the smart-power market, and with an EDA company to optimize their core R&D software development flow.

SMB Marketplace

SMB marketplace is an attractive large market for many companies. However, channel management and optimization is a challenge because an enterprise model cannot be scaled, and a consumer oriented strategy is too expensive.

SCS has worked with past clients to build scaled direct-to-customer channels using modern digital marketing platforms in combination with responsive inside sales channels.

University Level STEM Education

Technology is fundamentally changing the education marketplace in terms of models of delivery(online, competency based, etc), cost, and staffing.

SCS provides deep experience for public and private universities to evaluate and upgrade their offerings such that they can take advantage of the coming technology Tsunami. SCS has successful ongoing engagements in this area with a public Polytechnic.

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