An Artificial Intelligence Bot Approach to SMB B2B Marketing

Posted at 4:04 pm on 05/24/2017 by Dr. Rahul Razdan

The Small Business (SMB) marketplace is a large marketplace (over 25 Million in the US alone) which lags the broader marketplace in terms of core business productivity. This is despite the fact that a number of cloud-based B2B software applications have the potential to significantly add productivity to this sector at reasonable prices. However, the SMB market has been traditionally considered to be the “dead end” for B2B companies because of the difficulties of distribution into the SMB marketplace.   


The SMB marketplace is lodged between the traditional consumer market (over 300M consumer in the US)  and the enterprise market (fortune 500 companies).   In the enterprise market, the transaction size justifies a dedicated sales channel. However, for the SMB marketplace, the transaction size is typically much smaller, so a dedicated sales channel is not economically feasible.  In the consumer marketplace, the market size is large and broadcast based methods (TV commercials) have been demonstrated to be effective.  However,  from a point-of-view of market size, reach, and relevance mass broadcast methods are not efficient for the SMB marketplace.


In this paper, we describe an Artificial Intelligence Bot (AIB) technology combined with targeted mass market techniques to build a solution which has the sales focus characteristics of a dedicated sales channel in the context of a consumer like mass marketing campaign.  

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