Wireless Power for Heart Implant

Posted at 4:40 pm on 05/20/2014 by Dr. Rahul Razdan

Stanford has prototyped the ability to wirelessly charge pacemakers (Click here).


Wirelessly charging pacemakers seems like an idea which makes a lot of sense. In fact, when at WiPower we explored this area with several medical device makers, and the results on the business side were surprising. These included:

  1. The current battery in a pacemakers last nearly as long as the patents.
  2. If the battery needs to be replaced, it is likely there is a new generation of pacemaker which would provide an upgrade as compared to the current one.
  3. The current payment system is focused on procedures, so there is a disincentive to have long-life products.

It appears that the place wireless power can have a large impact are with high energy devices such as artificial hearts.

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