World Class Software Development for Technical Computing

Posted at 2:29 pm on 02/22/2013 by Dr. Rahul Razdan

Commercial software development in the field of technical computing has unique requirements which are exemplified by factors such as:


  • Extreme focus on run-time performance.
  • Requirement of a high degree of responsiveness to the customer base.
  • Continued focus on innovation.
  • Concurrent support on multiple computing platforms.
  • Most importantly, a very limited set of deep subject matter experts who have the skills to build the solution.


Exacerbating the above issues is the fact that the field has traditionally seen a great deal of merger activity which leads quickly to an accumulation of disjoint software development systems. We have published a paper (downloadable from the Document section at this link) describes a detailed case study of a methodology built within a leading technical computing company which achieved significant success by focusing relentlessly on enhancing the productivity of the individual developer. 

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