Electronics and Semiconductor Industry

SCS has a rich background in the Electronics and Semiconductor Industry in areas such as Semiconductors, Electronics Design Automation (EDA), Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), and Enterprise Software. Some successful projects have included:

Semiconductors and Electronics Market:

  • Launching world's fastest and first out-of-order CPU.
  • Launching Wireless Power Technology into the marketplace.
  • Positioning work for Reconfigurable Computing Technology for client.
  • Positioning work for mobile medical device company.

Electronics Design Automation Market:

  • Launching some of the most successful functional verification and testing products.
  • Working with Sr. Mgmt and Board on strategic M&A.
  • Enabling startup in power optimization towards a successful exit.
  • Positioning work for Verification IP company.

Electronics Manufacturing Market:

  • working with CEO for positioning of company into high mix, lower volume applications.
  • working with CEO to position the power adaptor business.

Enterprise Software Market:

  • working with Sr Mgmt to fundamentally change software development and testing process.
  • working with IBM Rational to enable customers in the area of multi-site development.

Where can we help?

  1. Launching new technologies: positioning, partners, go-to-market.
  2. Optimizing your organization: time-to-develop, time-to-market.
  3. Corporate Strategy: Positioning vsv technology/business trends.
Documents Attached to Electronics and Semiconductor Industry:
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eetimes: EMS and white house report
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