SMB Services

SCS has had a focus on the SMB Marketplace for the last five years with a particular focus on B2B SMB Solutions for startups, service companies, as well as large enterprise customers.

Website Platform for SMB Market (startup):

  • Launching integrated SMB Platform for SMB Marketplace.
  • Product Definition work in integrated CRM, Payments, referral acceleration.
  • Positioning work vs DYI and custom solutions.
  • Enterprise scaling for website maintenance.

SMB Networks for Enterprise Customers:

  • Developed strategy for channel extension using SMB networks.
  • Working with Sr. Mgmt and Board on strategic M&A.

Extending Internet for Services Companies:

  • Working with CEO for positioning of company to extend product company to a networked services.
  • Working with startup CEO to extend product ecommerce model to service providers.

B2B Business Development using AI Bot Technology:

  • working with Sr Mgmt to fundamentally change go-to-market model.
  • working with startup R&D to build AI Bot Technology for SMB sales.

Where can we help?

  1. Launching B2B Products: positioning, partners, go-to-market.
  2. Optimizing your marketing channel for SMB.
  3. Corporate Strategy: Positioning vsv technology/business trends.
Documents Attached to SMB Services:
ebook on SMB marketing